Slide Systems, Inc.

4slide metal forming machine perspective for the warehouse punch press row 00 4slide machine


Since the early 1970's Slide Systems, Inc. has been a premier metal forming provider in Southern California. Originally the company was founded to provide custom parts for the toy industry specializing in 4slide and punch press production. Over the years they have made literally millions of custom tooled parts for a variety of industries to the strictest of specifications. Using a combination of old world experience and state of the art industry machinery.

With customers such as International Electronic Research Corporation (IERC), Tyco Toys, Mattel, Kilovac, International Rectifier and Scale Auto, Slide Systems, Inc. emerged as the sole supplier of slot car pickup shoes in the world! In addition to that, Slide Systems, Inc. supplies the world with Lead Frames for semiconductors, paperclips for offices, diaphragms for satellites, and most recently, actuators that go into patients' knees for arthroscopic surgery.